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Pid Controller

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Chennai, we offer yokogawa pid controller ut35a,ut32a,ut75a,ut55a,ut52a,ut35a/ut32a,up55a/up35a/up32a,um33a, omron pid controller, honeywell controller udc3500, pid controller omron, abb ip converter for industries teip11 teip11-ps and honeywell paperless recorder eztrend minitrend multitrend dr graphic.
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Yokogawa PID Controller UT35A,UT32A,UT75A,UT55A,UT52A,UT35A/UT32A,UP55A/UP35A/UP32A,UM33A
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Yokogawa PID Controller UT35A,UT32A,UT75A,UT55A,UT52A,UT35A/UT32A,UP55A/UP35A/UP32A,UM33A

Approx. Price: Rs 22,000 / PackGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Pack
Model Name/NumberUT35
Size96 x 96 mm
Control TypePID/On-Off
Input TypeThermocouple
Country of OriginMade in India
General Purpose Temperature Controller UT35A/UT32A
The UT35A and UT32A temperature controllers employ an easy-to-read, 14-segment large color LCD display, along with navigation keys, thus greatly increasing the monitoring and operating capabilities. A ladder sequence function is included as standard. The short depth of the controller helps save instrument panel space. The UT35A/UT32A also support open networks such as Ethernet communication.
UT35A and UT32A Temperature Controller Features
4 target setpoints (PID numbers) available as standard3 alarm independent common terminals available as standardLadder sequence programs can be builtSimple operationUp to 8 DOs (combinations available)Multiple language operation manual (Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean) available. Please specify the desired language when ordering.Detailed code model available to customize specifications best suited to you.

Advanced Control8 Built-in Control ModesThe control mode allows easily configuring settings and making changes with parameters.
Single-loop controlCascade primary-loop controlCascade secondary-loop controlCascade controlLoop control for backupLoop control with PV switchingLoop control with PV auto-selectorControl with PV-hold function8 built-in Control Mode
8 Built-in Control TypesPID controlON/OFF control (1 point of hysteresis)ON/OFF control (2 points of hysteresis)Two-position, two-level controlHeating/cooling controlSample PI controlBatch PID controlFeedforward control8 Built-in Control Types
For the correspondence between the above control mode and control types for each model, please refer to the specifications of each model.
Ladder Sequence ControlWith built-in ladder sequence control, the range of applications are dramatically increased. This feature is standard in all the UTAdvanced controllers (except UM33A). The ladder sequence control function can replace a small PLC required by the application. Sequence control and PID control can be performed simultaneously.
Monitoring and control of external machineryE.g.: Lamps, switches, timersSolve digital input/output logic functionality easily.Number of basic command types: 13Number of application command types: 73[Example of ladder instruction][Example of ladder programming]Ladder Sequence ControlApplication Examples of Ladder Sequence ProgramAlarm Sequence Control Circuits Can be ReducedThe ladder sequence program is built in the UTAdvanced as standard. The ladder sequence function enables monitoring and controlling peripheral devices such as relays, thus making it possible to reduce costs.
[Conventional]Alarm action was built by a sequence control circuit (relay, timer, etc.) outside of the controller.
Arrow[UTAdvanced]Alarm action is built by the ladder sequence program inside the UTAdvanced, thus making it possible to reduce costs.Alarm Sequence Control Circuits can be Reduced
Example: Alarm annunciator
Host System Load is Reduced
[UTAdvanced]MeritThe UTAdvanced with up to 4 analog inputs* enables various types of analog data to be captured directly into the controller and calculated by the ladder program, thus reducing the system-building load of the host. Action: Various types of analog data were captured into the host system (PLC, etc.) and calculated, and the results were processed by the field controller for control via a command.* In the case of the UT55AHost System Load is Reduced
Universal Input/OutputSelect Input and Output Types via ConfigurationUniversal InputSelect from TC, RTD, mV/DC voltage and DC current. (DC current input: No shunt resistor required)
Applicable Termperature Controllers: UT75A, UT55A/UT52A, UT35A/UT32A, UP55A/UP35A/UP32A, UM33AVia RS-485 Communication TerminalsVia RS-485 Communication Terminals

Additional Information:
  • Production Capacity: 100
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Omron PID Controller
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Omron PID Controller

Approx. Price: Rs 2,400 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Brochure
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Model No.Nanodac
Size96 x 96 mm
Control TypePID
Input TypeRTD, Current (mA)
Control output TypeRelay
Country of OriginMade in India

Temperature pid controller
e5er1021e e5er-qtb-drt ac/dc24ve54 9002h e54-ct1e5cs7109f e5csv-r1kj-w ac100-240e5cs7127d e5csv-r2td ac/dc24e5an7200e e5an-haa2hbm-500 ac100-240e5cn7202r e5cn-hc2m-500 ac100-240e5cn7203g e5cn-hv2m-500 ac100-240e5cn7205c e5cn-hq2md-500 ac/dc24e5en7202f e5en-haa2hhbfm-500 ac100-240e53 5017m e53-v34ne53 8051g e53-cov17e53 8256m e53-cnq03n2e5la5005a e5l-c 0-100ecsl0001m e5csl-rtc ac100-240ecsl0002r e5csl-rp ac100-240ecsl0003g e5csl-qtc ac100-240ecsl0004e e5csl-qp ac100-240ecwl0001e e5cwl-r1tc ac100-240ecwl0002c e5cwl-r1p ac100-240ecwl0003a e5cwl-q1tc ac100-240ecwl0004m e5cwl-q1p ac100-240e53 8057f e53-cov20e5cs6103a e5cs-rpu-w ac100-240e5cs6117a e5cs-r1pu-w ac100-240e5cs6123f e5cs-q1kju-w ac100-240ecwl2002d e5cwl-r1p-100 ac100-240e5cc3000r e5cc-rx3a5m-000e5cc3004a e5cc-rx3a5m-003e5cc3012b e5cc-qx3a5m-000e5cc3016e e5cc-qx3a5m-003e5cc3020c e5cc-qx3a5m-006e5cc3036m e5cc-cx3a5m-000e5cc3040h e5cc-cx3a5m-006e5cc8000f e5cc-rx2asm-800e5cc8001d e5cc-rx2dsm-800e5cc8002b e5cc-qx2asm-800e5cc8003m e5cc-qx2dsm-800e5cc8004r e5cc-cx2asm-800e5cc8005g e5cc-cx2dsm-800e5ec8000c e5ec-rx2asm-800e5ec8001a e5ec-rx2dsm-800e5ec8002m e5ec-qx2asm-800e5ec8004f e5ec-rr2asm-800e5ec8006b e5ec-qr2asm-800e53 8507a y92a-48he5cc8007c e5cc-rx2asm-802e5cc8009m e5cc-qx2asm-802e5cc8010c e5cc-cx2asm-804e5cc8011a e5cc-rx2dsm-801e5ec8013e e5ec-qr2asm-808e5ac8004a e5ac-rx3asm-800e5ac8010f e5ac-cx3asm-800

e5ac8014r e5ac-cx3asm-804e5dc1000a e5dc-rx2asm-000e5dc8000m e5dc-rx2asm-800e5dc8010g e5dc-qx2asm-802e5gc1036c e5gc-qx1a6m-000e5cc1015f e5cc-rx2dsm-006e5cd1000b e5cd-rx2a6m-000e5cd1001m e5cd-rx2a6m-001e5cd1002r e5cd-rx2a6m-002e5cd1003g e5cd-rx2d6m-000e5cd1004e e5cd-rx2d6m-001e5cd1005c e5cd-rx2d6m-002e5cd1006a e5cd-qx2a6m-000e5cd1007m e5cd-qx2a6m-001e5cd1008h e5cd-qx2a6m-002e5cd1009f e5cd-qx2d6m-000e5cd1010m e5cd-qx2d6m-001e5cd1011h e5cd-qx2d6m-002e5cd8000m e5cd-rx2adm-800e5cd8001r e5cd-rx2adm-802e5cd8002g e5cd-rx2ddm-800e5cd8003e e5cd-rx2ddm-802e5cd8004c e5cd-qx2adm-800e5cd8005a e5cd8006m e5cd8007h

fuji pid controller
omron pid controller
delta pid controller
masibus pid controller
multispan pid controller
radix pid controller
swastik pid controller
gefran pid controller
watlow pid controller
radix pid controller
honeywell pid controller
yudian pid controller
unitech pid controller
shimaden pid controller
taie pid controller
yokogawa pid controller
itherm pid controller
abb pid controller
lumel pid controller
jumo pid controller
autonics pid controller
ppi pid controller
libratherm pid controller
selec pid controller
novus pid controller
redlion pid controller
fuji  temperature  controller
omron  temperature  controller
delta  temperature  controller
masibus  temperature  controller
multispan  temperature  controller
radix  temperature  controller
swastik  temperature  controller
gefran  temperature  controller
watlow  temperature  controller
radix  temperature  controller
honeywell  temperature  controller
yudian  temperature  controller
unitech  temperature  controller
shimaden  temperature  controller
taie  temperature  controller
yokogawa  temperature  controller
itherm  temperature  controller
abb  temperature  controller
lumel  temperature  controller
jumo  temperature  controller
autonics  temperature  controller
ppi  temperature  controller
libratherm  temperature  controller
selec  temperature  controller
novus  temperature  controller
redlion  temperature  controller

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  • Honeywell Controller UDC3500
  • Honeywell Controller UDC3500
  • Honeywell Controller UDC3500
Honeywell Controller UDC3500
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Honeywell Controller UDC3500

Approx. Price: Rs 5,000 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Brochure
Product Details:
Model No.Honeywell Controller Udc3500
Control TypePID
Input TypeThermocouple
Control output TypeAnalog (mA/mV)
Temperature Range100
Country of OriginMade in India
Honeywell manufactures a very extensive package of process controllers. The single and dual-loop controllers are microprocessor-based and modular built. They are standard equipped with different control algorithms, including on-off, PID-A, PID-B and TPSC. Thermocouple health alarms, Accutune III automatic PID-tuning and Fuzzy Logic overshoot suppression are among the possibilities. Remote setpoints, digital inputs, alarm relays and transmitter power are a few of the numerous other options.
A series setpoint programs, for example for annealing furnaces that have to run a temperature program, completes the portfolio.

UDC3500 Digital controller
  • 1/4 DIN regulator (96 x 96 mm)
  • 3 universal analog inputs + high level inputs
  • 4 digital inputs
  • Remote setpoint
  • Optional setpoint programming
  • Mathematical functions
  • Optional transmitter power
  • Dual-loop or cascade control
  • Up to 5 analog and digital outputs
  • Ethernet and Modbus communication
  • Configuration optional via infra-red port
New Power and Flexibility The UDC3500 Universal Digital Controller packs new powerful features in the popular 1/4 DIN size. Unmatched application power includes: Infrared (IR) Configuration interface, three universal analog inputs, two loops of control and two Math Algorithms. When these are combined with the Accutune III tuning with fuzzy logic overshoot suppression, the result is price/performance leadership. Application flexibility is assured by the universal analog inputs, universal AC power supply, four digital inputs, a maximum of seven analog and digital outputs, Infrared, RS422/485 Modbus RTU or Ethernet 10Base-T TCP/IP Modbus communication protocols, simple configuration plus total field upgrade capability for any optional feature.

  • 3 Universal Analog Inputs (can be configured to operate as 1 Universal and 4 High Level Inputs)
  • 0.10% Accuracy
  • Fast scanning rate (166ms)
  • Up to 3 Analog Outputs
  • Up to 5 Digital Outputs
  • 4 Digital Inputs
  • Math Functions
  • Ethernet or RS-485 communication
  • Cascade or 2 Loops of control
  • Infrared PC & Pocket PC configuration
  • Healthwatch Maintenance Tool
  • NEMA4X and IP66 front face protection
  • Multilanguage prompts
  • 1/4 DIN Size 
  • Easily Field Upgradeable
Bright, dual displays with multilanguage prompts (in English, French, German, Spanish, or Italian) make the operator interface easy to read, understand, and operate. Simple keystrokes let you set operating parameters that meet your process control needs

Analog Inputs
The UDC3500 has up to three Universal analog inputs with a typical accuracy of +/-0.10% of full-scale input and a typical resolution of 16 bits. These can easily be configured to operate as 2 Universal and 2 High Level or as 1 Universal and 4 High Level inputs. All analog inputs are sampled six times per second (every 166 milliseconds). The first, or Process Variable input, can be one of various thermocouple, RTD, Radiamatic or linear actuations as shown in Table 1. Linear actuations have thermocouple, RTD and Radiamatic transmitter characterization capability as a standard feature. Linear actuations also have square root capability. The optional second and third inputs are isolated from each other and all other circuits and accept the same actuations as input one. These optional inputs can each be split into two high level inputs. The fourth input is enabled by first configuring Input 2 as a 20 mA or 5 Vdc input type (High Level Analog Input - HLAI). Input 4 is then available as a high level input.

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PID Controller Omron
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PID Controller Omron

Approx. Price: Rs 2,000 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Details:
DIN Size96 x 96 mm
Temperature Range100
Controller Function TypePID
Operating Ambient Temp100
Control TypeLow Limit

E5ER1021E E5ER-QTB-DRT AC/DC24VE54 9002H E54-CT1E5CS7109F E5CSV-R1KJ-W AC100-240E5CS7127D E5CSV-R2TD AC/DC24E5AN7200E E5AN-HAA2HBM-500 AC100-240E5CN7202R E5CN-HC2M-500 AC100-240E5CN7203G E5CN-HV2M-500 AC100-240E5CN7205C E5CN-HQ2MD-500 AC/DC24E5EN7202F E5EN-HAA2HHBFM-500 AC100-240E53 5017M E53-V34NE53 8051G E53-COV17E53 8256M E53-CNQ03N2E5LA5005A E5L-C 0-100ECSL0001M E5CSL-RTC AC100-240ECSL0002R E5CSL-RP AC100-240ECSL0003G E5CSL-QTC AC100-240ECSL0004E E5CSL-QP AC100-240ECWL0001E E5CWL-R1TC AC100-240ECWL0002C E5CWL-R1P AC100-240ECWL0003A E5CWL-Q1TC AC100-240ECWL0004M E5CWL-Q1P AC100-240E53 8057F E53-COV20E5CS6103A E5CS-RPU-W AC100-240E5CS6117A E5CS-R1PU-W AC100-240E5CS6123F E5CS-Q1KJU-W AC100-240ECWL2002D E5CWL-R1P-100 AC100-240E5CC3000R E5CC-RX3A5M-000E5CC3004A E5CC-RX3A5M-003E5CC3012B E5CC-QX3A5M-000E5CC3016E E5CC-QX3A5M-003E5CC3020C E5CC-QX3A5M-006E5CC3036M E5CC-CX3A5M-000E5CC3040H E5CC-CX3A5M-006E5CC8000F E5CC-RX2ASM-800E5CC8001D E5CC-RX2DSM-800E5CC8002B E5CC-QX2ASM-800E5CC8003M E5CC-QX2DSM-800E5CC8004R E5CC-CX2ASM-800E5CC8005G E5CC-CX2DSM-800E5EC8000C E5EC-RX2ASM-800E5EC8001A E5EC-RX2DSM-800E5EC8002M E5EC-QX2ASM-800E5EC8004F E5EC-RR2ASM-800E5EC8006B E5EC-QR2ASM-800E53 8507A Y92A-48HE5CC8007C E5CC-RX2ASM-802E5CC8009M E5CC-QX2ASM-802E5CC8010C E5CC-CX2ASM-804E5CC8011A E5CC-RX2DSM-801E5EC8013E E5EC-QR2ASM-808E5AC8004A E5AC-RX3ASM-800E5AC8010F E5AC-CX3ASM-800

E5AC8014R E5AC-CX3ASM-804E5DC1000A E5DC-RX2ASM-000E5DC8000M E5DC-RX2ASM-800E5DC8010G E5DC-QX2ASM-802E5GC1036C E5GC-QX1A6M-000E5CC1015F E5CC-RX2DSM-006E5CD1000B E5CD-RX2A6M-000E5CD1001M E5CD-RX2A6M-001E5CD1002R E5CD-RX2A6M-002E5CD1003G E5CD-RX2D6M-000E5CD1004E E5CD-RX2D6M-001E5CD1005C E5CD-RX2D6M-002E5CD1006A E5CD-QX2A6M-000E5CD1007M E5CD-QX2A6M-001E5CD1008H E5CD-QX2A6M-002E5CD1009F E5CD-QX2D6M-000E5CD1010M E5CD-QX2D6M-001E5CD1011H E5CD-QX2D6M-002E5CD8000M E5CD-RX2ADM-800E5CD8001R E5CD-RX2ADM-802E5CD8002G E5CD-RX2DDM-800E5CD8003E E5CD-RX2DDM-802E5CD8004C E5CD-QX2ADM-800E5CD8005A E5CD8006M E5CD8007H

Fuji Pid Controller
Omron Pid Controller
Delta Pid Controller
Masibus Pid Controller
Multispan Pid Controller
Radix Pid Controller
Swastik Pid Controller
Gefran Pid Controller
Watlow Pid Controller
Radix Pid Controller
Honeywell Pid Controller
Yudian Pid Controller
Unitech Pid Controller
Shimaden Pid Controller
Taie Pid Controller
Yokogawa Pid Controller
Itherm Pid Controller
Abb Pid Controller
Lumel Pid Controller
Jumo Pid Controller
Autonics Pid Controller
Ppi Pid Controller
Libratherm Pid Controller
Selec Pid Controller
Novus Pid Controller
Redlion Pid Controller
Fuji  Temperature  Controller
Omron  Temperature  Controller
Delta  Temperature  Controller
Masibus  Temperature  Controller
Multispan  Temperature  Controller
Radix  Temperature  Controller
Swastik  Temperature  Controller
Gefran  Temperature  Controller
Watlow  Temperature  Controller
Radix  Temperature  Controller
Honeywell  Temperature  Controller
Yudian  Temperature  Controller
Unitech  Temperature  Controller
Shimaden  Temperature  Controller
Taie  Temperature  Controller
Yokogawa  Temperature  Controller
Itherm  Temperature  Controller
Abb  Temperature  Controller
Lumel  Temperature  Controller
Jumo  Temperature  Controller
Autonics  Temperature  Controller
Ppi  Temperature  Controller
Libratherm  Temperature  Controller
Selec  Temperature  Controller
Novus  Temperature  Controller
Redlion  Temperature  Controller

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ABB IP Converter for Industries TEIP11 TEIP11-PS
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ABB IP Converter for Industries TEIP11 TEIP11-PS

Approx. Price: Rs 13,500 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Transducer TypeConverter
Power24V dc
Voltage24V dc
Usage/ApplicationValve Control
Part NumberTEPI11
Input Current4-20ma dc
Country of OriginMade in India
The I/P converter with various housing is available for cabinet installation, field installation, rail installation and as slide-in type. The signal conversion is based on standard signals. Current signals 0/4 to 20 mA are converted to pressure signals 0.2 to 1 bar or 3 to 15 psi.


General specifications:

  • Small dimensions
  • Variable designs
     Control room housing IP 20, for rail and block mounting
     Field housing, polyester IP 54 
    Field housing, aluminium IP 65
     Field housing, stainless steel IP 65
  • High immunity to shocks and vibrations with an effect < 1% for loads up to 10 g
  • Wide temperature range
      -40 °C (optionally -55 °C) to 85 °C
  • Worldwide approvals for Explosion Proof and Intrinsic Safety


Additional Information:
  • Production Capacity: 100
  • Delivery Time: 1Week
  • Packaging Details: Box
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  • Honeywell Paperless Recorder Eztrend Minitrend Multitrend Dr Graphic
  • Honeywell Paperless Recorder Eztrend Minitrend Multitrend Dr Graphic
  • Honeywell Paperless Recorder Eztrend Minitrend Multitrend Dr Graphic
Honeywell Paperless Recorder Eztrend Minitrend Multitrend Dr Graphic
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Honeywell Paperless Recorder Eztrend Minitrend Multitrend Dr Graphic

Approx. Price: Rs 90,000 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Brochure
Product Details:
Model Name/NumbereZtrend Minitrend Multitrend DR Graphic
Parameter To Be MonitoredTemperature,Flow,Pressure,Level
Maximum Power Consumption1A
InputRTD,TC,4-20MA DC
FeaturesLarge Data Storage,Trend,Multicolour
Paperless Recorders and Data Acquisition Solutions
RELIABLE PROCESS MONITORING AND RECORDING Process measurements are essential in virtually every industrial process. Precise and reliable measurements provide many significant benefits:  Consistent product quality  Compliance monitoring  Improved process efficiency  Improved equipment monitoring  Process documentation  Process savings

Features eZtrend Minitrend Multitrend DR Graphic

Additional Information:
  • Production Capacity: 1
  • Delivery Time: 2-3Weeks
  • Packaging Details: Box
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Masibus PID Controller
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Masibus PID Controller

Approx. Price: Rs 3,000 / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Model No.5040
Size96 x 96 mm
Control TypePID
Temperature Range500DegC
Masibus model 5040 / 5040-xp is much more than a controller capable for complex and demanding process control applications. It has accessibility of both hardware and software features in compact size making it a highly configurable product, offering many features found in costly programmable controllers. Model 5040 is available in panel mount option, whereas 5040-xp is available in ex-proof, wall mount dual compartment enclosure. 5040 / 5040-xp accepts all analog process inputs like thermocouple, rtd, current and voltage as well as 4 digital inputs, remote set point and feedback resistance input.  

on / off and proportional controller – 5002updual channel indicator cum controller – lc5296-dclc5296h or 5006rnauto tune pid single loop controller – 5040-5040xpauto tune pid controller – lc5248e-atauto tune pid controller – lc5296 atauto tune pid controller – lc5248l-atauto tune pid controller – lc5296l-atcurrent voltage / power / frequency transducersdual source energy meter – em 2140dual source energy meter – em 2140multifunction transducerdigital vaf meter/indicator – 2310/ 2330flame proof auto-tune controller – lc5296-xp-atflame proof dual channel indicator cum controller – lc5296-xp-dcloop calibrators – lc11simulator rs12 pt100universal calibrator – uc128/16/24 channel scanner / protection relay cum data logger – 85xx+ 128 channel data logger / daq module – 8040mint i/o’s modules – mint-ai-08 / mint-di-16 / mint-ao-08 / mint-do-16mint communication processor – mint cp4 channel scanner – 82048 channel scanner – 82084/8 channel weather proof scanner – 8208-ip8 channel flame proof scanner – 8208 – xpbar graph indicator – 40005edigital indicator – 408mprocess indicator – 4096-digit flow counter / indicator / totalizer – 1006h8-digit flow indicator /totalizer – 1008s – 1008s-xplarge display indicator – 408-2in8 channel analog input module mas-ai-08-d8 channel linearized rtd/tc input – mas-ai-u-08-d8 channel analog output module – mas-ao-08-d16 channel digital input module – mas-di-16-d8/16 channel digital output module – mas-do-rl-08-dht7s11 – humidity cum temperature transmittertt7s00-hr – head mount transmitterdigital display clock for ntp serversmc-1 & mc-1-dh – gps master clockgps master clock mc-1-umts200 master time-sync unitmts300r master redundant gps time servertime distribution rack tdr-4 – time signal splitterslim design signal isolator – 9000csignal isolator – 9000u+large display indicator – 409-4inrpm monitor 409-s24 channel wireless receiver / data logger 85xx+wsignal isolator – 9000usignal isolator 9000lon-off/pid temperature controller – tc596-tc548-tc548euniversal transmitter – ut94string box monitor – sbm-s-1225digital indicator – 406strain guage indicator – 409-wclean room display unit – cduloop calibrator – lc12temperature calibrator – tc12+multifunction meter – pm2140temperature transmitter – tt7sexplore productloop powered temperature transmitter – tt7s10-d – tt7s10-xpmaster time sync – mts200rstring box monitor – sbm16humidity-temperature smart logger – ht16uex-proof loop powered indicator – lpi-1-xpfilter display unit – fduloop powered indicator – lpi-1strain gauge indicator – sgt18dual channel vibration transmitter – vt7s12eflame proof vibration switch – vsw160multi channel vibration moniter – vms4sevibration meter – vm908wireless rh/t transmitter – ht16ewwireless clock system – ddu 24/26 – ddu 44/46 – mc-2multifunction transducer – mft20masibus smart converter – mscusb converters

Additional Information:
  • Production Capacity: 50
  • Delivery Time: 1 week
  • Packaging Details: Standard
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